Don’t let a few ill-considered words suck your child into the juvenile system. Get expert representation for juvenile threats from Michael L. Fell.

Let’s face it—some kids seem to mouth off a lot. In their eagerness to prove they are tough, funny, or smart, they may say things they shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, certain utterances can seem threatening, and in the right (or wrong) circumstances your child’s ill-considered outburst could qualify as a criminal threat and result in legal action against them.

What is a Criminal Threat?

Under California law, a criminal threat is any statement that contains a specific threat of physical harm and causes the target of the threat to reasonably fear for their safety. It is important to realize that criminal threats may be made in person, in writing, by text, or over social media or the internet.

In some cases, a juvenile’s threatening words might not quite meet the standard of a criminal threat, but they could still get in trouble for harassment or bullying.

What to Do if Your Child Has Been Accused of Making Threats

Any time your child is accused of any behavior that could result in a criminal charge, it is a good idea to contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney such as Michael L. Fell. Attorney Fell can help you understand the law, the potential charge, and your child’s rights.

Often, calling Attorney Fell early in the case can result in the matter never proceeding to juvenile court. Thanks to his years as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney and as a Supervisor at Juvenile Court, Michael L. Fell understands how prosecutors think and what kinds of evidence they need to move a case forward. He can often head them off and show that there is no reason to file criminal charges.

Don’t Give Up if the Evidence Looks Bad

If the evidence against your child is strong, Attorney Fell can still provide very valuable assistance due to his expertise in creative sentencing. He will work hard to help ensure that your child doesn’t just get punishment thoughtlessly doled out to them but instead is given alternative sentencing that will support reform and rehabilitation.

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